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Kittenish Behaviour Designs began in 2010 as a blog for fashion-fixated Creative Director Siân. Needing a motivator for her New Years resolution Siân committed herself to a journey through her humongous wardrobe and toppling towers of shoes! Siân worked her way through mountains of clothes, experimenting with new combinations, tearing off labels of long forgotten purchases and wearing each and every one of her 4 billion pairs of shoes!

She's banned shopping sprees (and failed!), Dressembered and shared with us her mums stunning collection of vintage dresses. Like many women, Siân found that most high street fashion never quite hung right, thankfully her love of making things (along with ninja-like sewing skills!) meant she was able to alter, adjust and create her own items for a perfect fit. After falling in love with vintage style Siân began to seek out fun and unusual fabrics.

Combining her love of art and all things geeky she recreated vintage patterns with striking, modern prints. Her unique designs drew admiration from around the world and, after much cajoling from family & friends- Kittenish Behaviour Designs was born!

Sketching & stitching her own range of dresses throughout the day, former Bunny Girl Siân spent her nights at The Playboy Club London until she was able to hang up her bunny ears (and tail) and dedicate herself fully to Kittenish Behaviour. Scouring the world for the most sought-after dresses Kittenish Behaviour stocks a range of Pin-Up fashion and accessories.


Kittenish Behaviour original designs are created by Siân exclusively for Kittenish Behaviour, and are made in the UK. Each style is strictly limited to 21, never-to-be-repeated, individually-numbered pieces worldwide. When not dreaming up fabulous dresses Siân enjoys Swishing, Star Trek and watching You Tube videos of exotic cats!